Game of Thrones Season 4 Bloopers [x]

Tyrion’s little dance is filling my heart with joy :D

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//It’s been coming guys. I love Hocus too much to permanently delete her but she is now gone from me.

Thanks for the memories!//


The only thing to fear is fear itself.

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//I am now following that blog. Yaaaaay!//

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//Yes I do. And OMG really!? *screams because omg Moriarty is amazing* I want the URL!//


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SPLAT! You just got snowballed! Welcome to the snowball fight of 2013! Okay so here's how it works, just say three to five random things about yourself then go anon and snowball your five favorite blogs. If you get snowballed again you CANNOT snowball any blogs you've snowballed before, except if you're out of blogs to snowball. Have fun!

//I’ve been hit! 

ok I’ll do this OOC:

1. I’m not on here much anymore but I’ll never give Hocus up.

2. I love sour gummy worm.

3. I love Sherlock.

4. I am learning to get into Dr. Who…… as long as you keep the weeping angels away from me.//


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Bad Dreams Can’t Hurt You


The thick, heavy door fell shut with a click and locked with another. The brightness his eyes had showed before the door had closed off all light seemed to linger, as if one had looked at the sun for too long and had it’s light imprinted on their sight. He was not there though. He stood outside the door, for just a moment, before heading away from it to his own room.

Solitude may seem like a safe confine when the other option was a promise of fear and nightmares, but when kept in solitude, with nothing but cold, hard floor and walls and no light tell you whether your eyes were open or closed, you were promised a madness hard to endure. You were promised the tests you would put to yourself to see whether you were alive or not. You were given the questions; ‘is it night or day?’, ‘how long have I been here?’ and no way to tell.

Seventy two hours had passed and Pitch was kind enough to take in a black jug filled with water and a clear glass to drink out of. He slipped through the shadows into the room and opened his eyes to look at Heidi, the only light she had seen in three days. “I have brought you water, my mortal friend,” he spoke softly. The only sound she’d heard in three days. A normal tone would be like a shout to her.

It’s hard to sleep in pure darkness. It’s hard to sleep when you’re cold. And it’s hard to sleep when you’re a tiny teenage girl, locked in the hands of a madman.

For the first couple hours, she actually did manage to sleep on and off. Of course, her sleep was constantly interrupted by a cold floor and just the fear of being attacked in her sleep. 

When she couldn’t make herself sleep any longer, she sung to herself. Her voice varied from her favorite Vocaloid songs to songs from musicals. That only lasted about an hour though. When she finally landed on ‘Green Finch and Linnet Bird’, she broke out sobbing and crying. She was now a little bird trapped in a cage, now wasn’t she?

On the second day she’d banged on the door and demanded Pitch’s attention. She slammed herself into the walls and screamed. Her language kept switching from English to Japanese, the language her father had taught her when she was little. It was comforting, but soon her throat was raw. 

A couple times she could’ve sworn she heard her father’s voice whispering to her, Sharna the vampiress trying to tell her how to get out, the night angel, Verdux, talking her down, Malikai, her boss, trying to make her feel better… even her grandfather’s comforting tone, telling her that she could make it through this.

But being like Hocus, she demanded real attention. She knew those voices weren’t real, but around the same time Pitch came in, she was wondering if they weren’t or not. She shrieked a little as she saw the light and covered her eyes. The little light that got in the room revealed she was now bruised and banged up from her throwing herself into the walls and the door so often. 

… Water. Oh god, water.

Hocus hobbled towards him, weakened from a lack of food and drink for… how long? A day? Two days? She didn’t honestly know. But instead of grabbing the water first, she grabbed onto Pitch. Hugging him tightly, her raspy broken voice was almost muttering gibberish, but a few words could be made out. She didn’t want Pitch to do that ever again, mainly. And she was sorry for making him mad, and she just wanted to go home.

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